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No time to sit down and trade? We give you the perfect tool to copy-trade. 100% transparent and designed around the MT4, our user-friendly platform allows you to constantly keep an eye on and copy the trades of top traders. Automate your trading and take it to a whole new level!


Quick steps to social trading

Discover the revolutionary features that MT4socialtrader has to offer and start trading in 3 smart and easy steps:

Find and engage with thousands of traders around the world. Study their portfolios and follow their strategies.

Invest by automatically copying the trades of the most successful traders. Trading could never be easier! You can now trade and invest in stocks, currency pairs, CFDs, Futures, energies and spot metals across multiple markets depending on the strategy or strategies deployed by your master(s).

Trade and become a trader that others want to copy. Maximise your trading potential, grow your investor network and be rewarded on the volume that your strategies generate.


Trade your favourite assets in real time across multiple markets! Copy trading is no longer a dream, you can now follow the lead of master traders and be just as good as they are.

Chart Talk

Join the chart talk and gain instant insights into social trading. See what other traders are doing, how well they perform and use that in your trading. Share your thoughts with fellow traders and get in the trade!

Meet Fellow Followers

Are you a follower? Check out other followers like you who got a high return on their investment only by copying the trades of their chosen master traders.

Invest with Top Traders

Choose from top traders around the world and copy their trades in your live account. Go with the flow and get to the top!

Go Auto!

Our Smart Copy Trader watches the market moves for you and places trades according to the rules you have chosen to run on your account. Create and execute your own rules by selecting the Stop Loss – Take Profit threshold to limit your risk exposure.



TTCM Capital Markets Limited (TTCM) is a well-established investment company registered with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under number 40292. TTCM is regulated under the Dealers and Securities Licensing Act as Principal by the VFSC, and is operating in accordance with this Act. Furthermore, placing the trader at our forefront, we’re constantly aiming to provide high-quality brokerage services to our clients. That is why we developed a socially intuitive platform to meet even the most demanding needs of our traders.

Smart Copy Trader


No dealing desk involvement, no trade manipulation. You’re the master of your trades! With us, you manage your own account and your own portfolio.

Low latency execution

Our cutting-edge technology boosts your trading potential, rocket-fast speed and low to no latency. All your trades are up and running in milliseconds.

Negative balance protection

Hedge your investment and limit your exposure. TTCM brings success at your fingertips with its state-of-the-art copy trade tool, which allows you to make the most of every market move even when you can’t sit in front of the charts.


MT4socialtrader for Social Managers Eager to Be in the Market

Unleash your full trading potential and maximise your performance with MT4socialtrader by building a strategy that traders want to follow and getting copied.
Put your forex trading skills to work, join our crew of expert traders by becoming an MT4socialtrader Social Manager. You have the skills and the brains, we give you the stage to showcase your awesome strategies and having traders worldwide follow your lead.


Share your strategies with us and benefit from:

ECN account and state-of-the-art VPS technology.

Verify your profile and get started with as little as $100.

Trade and receive access to your dedicated social manager page.

Spread the word on your successful strategies by sharing your results on social media.

Join the copy trading revolution by allowing investors to copy your strategies to their accounts, boost your trading efforts and pave your own path in the market.

Use your skills to make the most of every market movement trading your favourite assets and receive a performance fee of up to 50% on your investors’ success.


The Best Investors Go Social and Follow Top Traders to Boost their Potential

Join our social network for traders, copy trade, showcase your trades, share your views and trading strategies or simply follow top traders to maximise your potential.


Need more convincing to give trading a chance? Here’s what some of our clients say.
  • Getting social with TTCM was an excellent choice. After grappling with several trading services I’ve finally found one that suits my needs and wants. Following a strategy manager helped me a lot to improve my skills and understanding of the market moves. Now I have my own investor network
    Sabrina Price-Performing Strategy Manager
  • Getting out there, engaging with investors and having them follow my strategies seemed almost unrealisable. Joining TTCM has helped me reach my investment goals and streamlined my trading.
    John Hymes-Strategy Manager
  • Finding an intuitive and social trading platform is not easy. Not being a well-versed trader is another downside. As a beginner, I find the TTCM platform very user-friendly, socially-responsive and helping newbie traders like me to learn by doing. Great support!
    Graham Smith-, Strategy Manager